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Hey Flawless Family! I’m a planner. There I said it! I have a list for EVERYTHING! I make lists for tasks that need to be completed. I make lists for shows to watch. I make lists of Jaylas’ activities. I make lists to remind me to look at the lists that I made. I’ve yet to be diagnosed with OCD but hey there’s always time right. LoL

Around this time of year I’m usually a basket case. Planning and decorating. Making shopping lists for food, clothing, toys, gifts, party supplies, gift cards for the people in your family that don’t seem “appreciative” when you buy them a gift but light up like a tree topper, when you hand them some cold, hard plastic cash! And on this very day every year im always making my final checklists. 1. “Pick up__________ for Jay” 2. “Drop off________ to Toya” 3.”Dont lose your damn mind in the process. Ahhhhh!!! By the end of the holiday that was just one day im exhausted and ready to go straight to the new year without passing “Go” or collecting “$200”

In all honesty y’all, I thrive off of being busy. I love to plan.I love to be engaged and more than anything I love the holidays. 1. It’s a beautiful time of year. 2. This is one day that you know your folks are going to be acting half way right. (Well at least for the earlier part of the day) Lol. I’ve always loved the festivities that come with the closing of the year but this year I was fortunate enough to discover something that I love much more. Giving Back!

Last Saturday, Jaylas school hosted a food drive called Food For Families. The students brought in cans of food to donate so that everyone would be able to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner. Myself along with the other wonderful members of the schools  Parent Teacher Organization helped to pack 40+ boxes of food. The families got enough to have a full Thanksgiving Dinner, with all the fixins’ and more to spare! In addition to the mounds of food given out, we also sent each parent home with a huge TURKEY!

As a single mother, I am fortunate to be able to supply my daughter with lifes’ neccessities. However the things that I’ve done year after year are not neccessities. I came to the realization that all of these things, irregardless of how many smiles it may bring and what other families are doing are not apart of the many things that I have to be thankful for. These things alone are not what makes Thanksgiving…Thanksgiving.

One of the men that came to pick up food for his family, rode to the school on a bicycle! These boxes were huge y’all. I’m still not sure how brotha man got home with all of that and the child sized turkey we gave him. We were all wondering how he would get home with the package. Some of us even offered him a ride home but he refused. About 20 minutes later, the man walks in and we all looked at him with a blank face, automatically figuring that he needed the ride after all or had already lost the groceries we’d given him. To our surprise -the man came back, on his bike, to say Thank You. He came into a room full of people different from him in every obvious way. As he began to say thank you, our faces changed and I felt purposeful. He stood in front of us and really poured out. He spoke. We listened. He said” I just want to say that I really appreciate all of you. I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen this year for my family. Y’all made a way and I’m so grateful.”…We all replied “Youre very welcome. Enjoy it and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading this post Flawless Fam! I just want to say that there are so many things that we complain about. Not having enough and even at times, what we have too much of. To the people that read my blog even if you only find one thing that’s of some use to you, I appreciate it and I am thankful for you. Your opinions and the time that you spend reading my thoughts solidify that there are more people out there that feel the way that I do and that it why FlawlessNBrown exists. Happy Holidays to you.

Much Luv,

Alea Jay


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